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Little Miss Sparkler & Mr. Firecracker

Little Miss Sparkler Pageant



Open to children ages 5-8


A fun, lighthearted event to celebrate some of our youngest patriots! Dress your Little Sparklers and Firecrackers in patriotic apparel and we will chat with them on stage.


July 3rd at 4:30 p.m. on Bandshell Stage.   Please check-in near the bandshell (look for the big CHECK-IN flag) no later than 4:15pm.


Pre-Registration is required; walk-ons are not accepted.  Registration deadline is June 19th.  



Each child gets a goodie bag for participating. One boy and one girl winner each get a crown and a ride in the 4th of July Parade!  Note: if your child wins and is in the parade, they will need someone to walk along the parade route and collect them at the end.


  • Dress should be patriotic.

  • All participants will be judged on personality/ stage presence and 4th of July appearance.

  • Participants must be willing to walk across a stage setting without the help of a parent. Your child will be asked general questions by the emcee pertaining to the information you provide during registration.

  • The emcee will ask your child about their special skill/talent (that you indicate on your registration form) and if they'd like to show it to the audience.  For example: tells a funny joke, does a great impression, can do a cartwheel or some karate moves, etc. 
    Skills should be short and not complicated to perform. 
    SKILL RULES: Must not take longer than approximately 60 seconds. You may NOT bring or request specific background music. For example: you cannot play a karaoke track to sing along with nor request a specific song to dance to. Any props must small enough to be carried on/off by the child only. For example: a child can carry a kazoo or magic trick with them, but a parent may not set up equipment or staging on their behalf.    

  • The sound tech will provide generic background music only as filler. For example, if someone has dance moves or karate skills to show, the sound tech may opt play background music of their own choosing as filler while the child performs their skill.


Registration Questions:

The questions/answers you provide during registration are used as a GUIDELINE ONLY for the emcee to chat with your child. The emcee may or may not use all of the information you provide. Your child is NOT judged on the registration questions/answers, nor will the judges see the registration answers. The information is merely used to engage in conversation on the stage.

If you have any additional questions, please email

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