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What is the Austin Enhancement Group?

AEG is a non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing the community by facilitating family-friendly events, entertainment, and/or celebrations for all citizens of Austin and the surrounding areas.


AEG was first formed when Austin's 4th of July celebration needed a group to take over the planning and organization.  AEG is made up of a group of volunteers who love the Freedom Festival and couldn't imagine a 4th of July without our community celebration.  These volunteers give their time, talents, and resources to fund raise, plan, organize and execute activities and entertainment for Austin's 4th of July Freedom Festival. 

Certain functions of the city-wide celebration are wholly organized by other groups; for example:

Parade: Austin Area Chamber of Commerce

Fireworks: City of Austin

Mini Piggy: YMCA

Fly-in Breakfast: Lions

The Fishing Contest, Sparkler/Firecracker Pageant, Patriotic Porch Contest, and Bandshell Park Activities and Entertainment are organized and arranged by for AEG, with the help of our community's amazing and generous sponsors. 

Let’s Work Together

Interested in Volunteering to make great things happen for Austin?  Contact us!

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