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  • Parade: When? Where? Weather? Can I be in it?
    The Parade is wholly organized and run by the Austin Area Chamber of Commerce, so if you have more questions, please contact them at 507.437.4561 or email them at When: Traditionally, the Chamber of Commerce holds the Parade on July 4th at 11:00am Where: The parade route begins on North Main Street, near the Swimming Pool. The end/disbursement area is along Lafayette and Marcusen parks on the south end of Main Street. Weather: The Chamber of Commerce runs the parade and they make parade/weather related decisions. Please contact the Chamber of Commerce if you have questions about the parade and if it will take place. FreedomFest does not have access to that information. How can I be in the Parade? Call the Chamber of Commerce at 507.437.4561 or email them at
  • Where is Bandshell Park?
    At the intersection of Fourth St SW & Ninth Pl SW, Austin, MN 55912
  • Where do we park?
    There is free parking available in the greenspace on the East side of Main street, across the street from Bandshell Park (next to the Dog Park). Parking will be marked in the grass. ​ Handicapped Accessible Parking is in the cul-de-sac at the end of First Street, as well as in the greenspace lot on the East Side of Main Street.
  • What if the weather looks bad?
    Freedom Festival organizers are constantly monitoring the weather! Our all-volunteer crew puts SO much work into this event, and we want the weather to be as great as you do! The park events are generally a rain or shine event, except in the instance of severe/extremely inclement weather. If it happens that the event is threatened by such weather, we will make announcements on our Facebook Page, as well as asking traditional media to help spread the word. Please note: the Parade is run by the Austin Area Chamber of Commerce; the FreedomFestival organizers have no input or access to the parade information. If you are wondering about the parade and inclement weather, please contact the Chamber of Commerce: 507.437.4561 or email them at
  • What about the fireworks and bad weather?
    The City of Austin contracts with Flashing Thunder to put on the fireworks for the city celebration. Flashing Thunder keeps a close eye on the weather and coordinates with the City if there is an issue. They will let Freedom Festival organizers know if there are any weather issues and we will help communicate their plan via our social media. We do not make that decision, so please do not contact us to ask about it. We will communicate whatever we know to the public as soon as we know it. The City of Austin and Flashing Thunder do have a prearranged rain date for fireworks, which is July 5th, 2024
  • Who puts on the Freedom Festival?
    The volunteers of the Austin Enhancement Group. AEG is a non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing the community by facilitating family-friendly events, entertainment, and/or celebrations for all citizens of Austin and the surrounding areas. AEG was first formed when Austin's 4th of July celebration needed a group to take over the planning and organization. AEG is made up of a group of volunteers who love the Freedom Festival and couldn't imagine a 4th of July without our community celebration! These volunteers give their time, talents, and resources to fund raise, plan, organize and execute activities and entertainment for Austin's 4th of July Freedom Festival.
  • What is the schedule of events?
  • How can I participate in the Little Miss Sparkler/Firecracker Pageant?
    Pre-registration is required since there is a limited number of participants allowed (for time constraints). More information regarding registration is found here:
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