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Craft Vendor Application

Welcome to the Freedom Festival, our 4th of July Celebration

held in the city of Austin, Minnesota!   Our outdoor event will be held on

July 3rd and 4th.



  • July 3rd and July 4th, 2024

  • Events in the park begin at 1:00 on July 3rd and approximately 1:30 on July 4th.

  • July 3rd set up:

    • You may begin setting up anytime on the morning of July 3rd. 

    • Events are scheduled from 1:00-8:30pm.

    • You must limit your travel through the park during the event,
      as there is a lot of pedestrian traffic.

  • July 4th tear down:

    • Events are scheduled from 1:30-10:30pm. 

    • Fireworks begin at 10, and the park is dark and full of pedestrians exiting
      the park until approximately 11:00pm. You must limit your travel
      through the park during the event, as there is a lot of pedestrian traffic.


  • This is an outdoor event that takes place rain or shine. There are no refunds on booth fees due to weather


Booth/Space Information

  • Booth spaces are 15’x15’ and are $50 for the entire 2-day event.
    You may purchase an additional space for $30.

  • You are required to stay entirely within your booth and you must keep your booth area clean.

  • We do not supply any display or setup equipment such as tents, chairs, tables, etc., so please bring what you need.   Your tent may be any color.


Parking Information

  • You may park directly behind your booth.  PLEASE NOTE: you must limit your vehicle traffic through the grass or park while the event is underway for safety reasons. If you must come and go frequently, you may drop off your equipment/trailer before the event times (above) and then park your vehicle in the designated public parking areas.



  • Electricity is not available.You will need to provide your own generator if needed.

  • If a generator is used, it must be a quiet inverter-type generator (such as a Honda EU2200i or equivalent).


Sales Tax / Insurance / Form ST19

  • If your application is approved, if you will be required to complete and return the MN form ST19, which we are required by law to keep on file.

  • All sales will be conducted between the vendor and the purchaser. Vendors are responsible for collecting, paying, and remitting Minnesota Sales Tax on all sales made during the Festival, if that applies to you. Austin’s sales tax rate is 7.875%.

  • You are responsible for your own liability insurance.


General Information

  • If you are a cottage food seller, you must have a current, valid cottage food license and must adhere to all cottage food laws.

  • You must include a photo or a link to a website or social media page that represents the actual items you will be selling.  

  • All items must be in good taste and be family appropriate.  No fireworks or weapons (i.e. knifes) may be sold in the park.  No illegal, dangerous or environmentally unfriendly merchandise is allowed.

  • We reserve the right to accept or reject vendors due to the products being sold, space availability, non-payment of fee, or non-compliance with vendor guidelines.

Please complete the preliminary application below for the 2024 Freedom Festival. 

You will receive an email once your application has been reviewed, and final paperwork, if approved.

Thanks for your Freedom Festival Vendor Application!

We will be in touch with you regarding your application.

Thank you!

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